Lower Body Workout Template

When many people go into the gym they find themselves lost and confused. They don’t know where to go or what to do. The biggest problem that these people have is that they don’t have a plan when they set foot into the gym. In order to be successful in anything in life a certain amount of preparation has to go into it and the gym is no different. This is why I will be outlining a sample lower body workout that you guys can use as a template to outline your own workouts in the future. This workout will focus on stability and strength in the lower body, so it will be great for those of you that are just coming back from quarantine!

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Lower Body 

Warm up (3 Rounds)

15 Calorie Row 

10 KB Goblet Squats (3131)

10 KB RDL (3111)

1 min Push up Plank

Giant Set

5 Box Jumps 

5×5 Front squat working up to something heavy, but not close to max 

30 Seconds Marching Plank

Rest 90sec 

Volume/Stability (4 Sets)

10 RDL Light Weight (3131)

10 Glute Bridges (3 sec squeeze at top of rep)

1 Min Wall Sit 

Breathe (10 min continuous work)

Row/Run 1 minute 

10 Body weight Cossack Squats  

10 Body weight lunges 

10 Burpees 

This workout starts with a focused warm up. It’s intended goal is to increase the heart rate while activating the muscles that will be used for the main giant set. The goblet squats with a slow tempo are a great squat primer and the RDLs are perfect for getting the hamstrings and lower back firing. 

The next part is a giant set. I love working out in giant sets because they get more done in a short amount of time. I first learned about giant sets from Brian Alsruhe on youtube. When performing a giant set you do the first exercise immediately into the second exercise and then immediately into the third without rest until the end. You’ll get an awesome sweat going and not waste anytime in between exercises. 

The volume/stability sets are what I have been using to build my foundation for when I get back to lifting heavier weights. During these sets I focus on what I call “mindful contractions.” I try to feel the muscles that I want to be utilized during each rep and I go slow as slow as possible. Try to keep your form as perfect as possible to build healthy habits moving forward. These sets are more about quality reps rather than quantity, so don’t push yourself to the point that your form or tempo breaks down.

Finally, I like to end my workouts with a little breathing section. This is where I get my heart rate up and focus on quality movement without breaks. You should not be going balls to the wall during this portion of the workout. You should focus on a sustainable pace and hold that for the duration. 

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