Setting Goals to Succeed in Life

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In my life, there has never been anything more integral to helping me succeed than setting goals. I personally love the quarterly goals calendar. I break down each year into four 3 month segments. Why did I choose a 3-month time frame you might ask? It forces the goals to be realistic. The 6 months, 12 month, or 5-year goals tend to lead people to create goals that are not specific and too unrealistic.  3 months is just enough time for you to see yourself progress and also keep you motivated. 

Next, I  break my goals into 3 tiers (personal, financial, and fitness). This has helped propel me in so many aspects of my life. Whether it is moving up in my career, training for a marathon, or pushing myself to do things out of my comfort zone, it all comes down to setting goals. Don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of this post to receive your free quarterly goals calendar!!

Personal Goals

This is where you want to set goals that will help you develop a better mental and physical personal life. The best way to set goals in this category is to look at yourself in the mirror and start to develop the ideal image of yourself and really visualize who you want to become. Remember, like Mark Bell said, “who you are now is not a life sentence!”

In my personal category, I like to put down 2-3 books to read per quarter. These can be books that either increased my knowledge in my career or biographies about historical figures or just fun non-fiction books. I also love cars, so I might put down some track days or car events to go explore. The personal section is for you to put pen to paper, all the things you want and desire in your personal life. 

Examples of Personal goals: (Plan your next Vacation Getaway, go on some dates, start a business, read a book, join a club, etc.)

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there because being uncomfortable is where you will see yourself grow. If you ever need some reassurance, feel free to shoot us an email, we would love to help. 

Financial Goals

Financial goals are an essential part of helping you grow both your personal wealth and your personal development. I personally like setting goals for a certain dollar amount in my sayings, investing a set dollar amount each month, or plan for a large purchase. Setting financial goals and sticking to them, will help you build discipline and also help you learn how to build your personal wealth. 

Fitness Goals

Money is great and all but it means nothing if you can’t enjoy it. Having a fitness goal you need to accomplish every 3-months will do wonders for your overall health. For me, my fitness goals could be adding 10lbs to my back squat, sign up for a CrossFit competition, or gain or lose a certain amount of weight. This is especially why I like setting 3-month goals as opposed to one-year goals because it keeps you psychologically motivated. As you cross off your fitness goals each quarter you can put pen to paper your own physical progress!!   

If you need any tips or workouts to help you get started, check out our Fitness & Nutrition Blog for some helpful ideas!

I hope you found something valuable in this post and look forward to hearing about all your successes! Believe in yourself, set realistic goals, and be consistent and you may surprise yourself with the person you can become!!!

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