Nightly Routine Hacks

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Nightly routines are so important and they set you up to have a successful day. I wanted to give you guys some tips on how to optimize your nightly routine, so that you can make each day count! The benefits of keeping a routine at night are endless. It helps you sleep better, be prepared for the next day, and reduces stress! Here are some things that have helped me establish my nightly routine. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Have Your Meals Prepped for the Following Day 

When you wake up in the morning the last thing you are going to want to do is cook your lunch and prepare your food. It is time consuming and will lead you to make bad choices in the long run because you will start going out to eat. Prepping your meals the night before is easy and cost effective. You will also have more control over what you are putting into your body so you can make the right choices! What I like to do on sundays is prep meals for the first few days of the week. This way I start the week off right. I make sure I have protein (chicken, beef, fish), vegetables (broccoli, green beans), and carb source (sweet potato, rice, pasta). This way my meals fill me up and they are conveniently packaged and ready!

Lay Out Your Clothes!!

Sometimes just the thought of rolling out of bed and not knowing what you’re going to wear is enough from halting your progress. Many people will skip the gym or be late to work because their clothes were not laid out. Take the extra five minutes the night before to make sure you have the outfits you need ready to go. This way you can wake up and grab your clothes without even thinking about it. It is always better to be prepared  rather than waiting till the last minute to make a decision! The small decisions you make will make the bigger decisions even easier!


I know a lot of people like to wind down by watching TV or playing on their phone until they go to bed. However, blue light before bed is not a good thing. It will make it harder to fall asleep by inhibiting the release of melatonin and it will also reduce the quality of your sleep. If you would like to avoid this you can buy a pair of blue light blocking glasses, but I recommend finding some off screen activities to do before bed. What me and my girlfriend have been doing is taking turns reading aloud a book that we picked out. We have really enjoyed this because it gets us away from technology! There are many different things that you can do, so find what works for you and stick to it!

I hope you guys found something that you can utilize in your own nightly routines! If you do something different or want to share make sure to comment or reach out to us! We love hearing from you. If you haven’t already signed up for our email list below and check out all the great content on our site! Thanks again guys!

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