Make Saving Money Automatic

In our modern way of life, saving money has never been easier yet most Americans don’t have enough saved to cover an unexpected $400 expense. When we look at our spending for the month, it can be easy to see where we are frivolously spending money. The easiest way to fix this problem is to … Continue reading Make Saving Money Automatic

Saving Money During Lockdown

As 15 days to kill the spread has now turned into infinite months of lockdown until the virus is exterminated from every aspect of life, we have started to become accustomed to this “new normal”. Like all bad things though, there is always a bright side. With a lot of us working from home, we … Continue reading Saving Money During Lockdown

Finance Tips for College Grads Part 2: Saving

Welcome to Part 2, the wonderful world of saving. In Part 1 we covered debt and how to manage student loans. Today my goal is to teach you how to optimize your savings and understand the difference between taxable, and tax-deferred accounts. Taxable Savings When you graduate and you’re on your own for the first … Continue reading Finance Tips for College Grads Part 2: Saving

Save for a Dream Vacation

Even in the heart of all the craziness in the world right now, vacation is still on top of mind for a lot of us especially after months of quarantine. Now one thing I need to emphasize is vacation will be different for everyone. Never feel the need to go on vacation to impress anyone … Continue reading Save for a Dream Vacation